Yes, that's right boy, Bend it over
Show your Master that hole
Twitch that pussy open for me
Beg me for my Big Fat Pole

Yeah tug your arms against those chains
And feel how wide I spread those legs
There's nothing like a spreader bar
With your ankles tied to the pegs

Gasping in anticipation
Not knowing what I'll shove inside
You moan as the butt plug touches
Its gonna be a wild ride

Whap! Whap! I slap that ass once more
How does it make that Hot Hole feel?
Your hole tensing around that plug
Are you ready for something real?

Real meat, A Big Fat Juicy Dick
You moan as I pull out your plug
Cause you know my cock is coming
As I push you down to the rug
Not a pic of me, some of my Handiwork
I force my boots against the bar
Keeping those legs wide apart
You beg me for some hot deep cock
Oh Please Master, when will you start?

I plunge right in up to the hilt
Filling you with my raging cock
Can you feel that hole tear apart
As I force in my Pulsing Rock?

Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!
Please Sir, Master please give me more
I buck and buck till I feel it
Until I can feel that cream pour

I blow that fuckin load down deep
You begging me for more and more
Another fuck to beat the last
Next time, who knows what’s in store
Its Better In Leather