"Just Another Train Ride"

Tall and Lanky there in front of me
Blue eyes staring off so hot
Please bend over; let me see that stuff
I want to taste that spot

Yes man, please sit next to me
I see your white briefs as you sit
The sweet crack between your cheeks
Now I'm so very close to it

I try to stare as best as I can
I don't want to miss a drop
Drop dead gorgeous by my tongue
Please don't let it ever stop

Cross your legs, let me see that crotch
I'm sure that you're big and thick
Lets go someplace and do it slow
With you I don't want to be quick

Can I put my hand down your pants
And pull that waistband back?
Let me get my tongue down there
Into that tempting crack

Those piercing blue eyes
And your handsome face
Make me lust after you
And to be in your space

I just watched you touch your crotch
As you looked over at me
You know I want to taste those nips
Flex them for me to see

To taste those lips with my own
Soft kisses followed by hard
Should I come and touch you now?
Should I play out the trump card?

You're definitely a tongue bath
If I could lick you just so
I'd really know heaven again
And you'd never let me go

Wrap those arms around me please
Please hold me close and tight
Just looking at you gets me going
Touching would be so right

You inspire me to poetic depths
And sexual fantasy delight
If only there were a hope in hell
Of me fucking you tonight

Bending you over, spread that ass
Hole twitching in front of me
Plunging my dick deep inside
So hot I can almost see

Then your stop on the train arrives
You stand up and walk away
One last glance at me before you go
There's nothing else to say